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About us

Naturbruk is a third-generation family-owned business. We believe in building bridges between people, both between generation and across borders. Our surrounding forest is where we are rooted and where we find inspiration.

Since 1992, the company has been offering consultancy services on international development and sustainability. We have engaged in a wide range of projects and successfully completed assignments for a variety of organisations, including bilateral and multilateral donor organisations, international organisations, NGOs, public sectors and private actors. We have experience from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe as well as of global initiatives.

Naturbruk headquarters is located in a rural setting in south-western Sweden with a well-equipped office at Torsaberga Farm. The company operates with few employees and draws expertise from a wide network of consultants. This strategy enables the company to form teams with highly appropriate competence for each assignment. Although modest in size, our track record demonstrates a capacity to deliver high-quality services and take on complex assignments.

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