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We have completed assignments that cover Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe as well as global initiatives. Some of our highlights are presented here.

Providing advisory services to Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya

We have been engaged on and off for over 20 years to support a consecutive series of programmes supported by Sida, including the most recent Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP II) under a sub-contract with Niras Sweden AB.


Advisor on forestry and land management to Panzhihua City Government, PR China. From 2001–2007

This was part of a Sino-Swedish Cooperation Programme on Agenda 21 and sustainable development implemented by Life Partners. Naturbruk’s input focussed on dialogue with relevant authorities on how best silt load and pollution of the upper reaches of the Yangtse River could be minimised. Other activities were generated in the process, such as teacher’s exchanges and mutual learning on tourism development.


Long-term evaluation of the Sweden-Amhara Rural Development Programme (SARDP), Ethiopia

An evaluation of a major Sida programme (835 M SEK over 11 years). The assignment continued with consultant support to Embassy of Sweden.

La4, Albuko.jpg

Mapping and review of all Sida support to land administration and land and natural resource governance 2000–2010

This was a major analysis (covering a budget of 1,800 MSEK) which also provided strategic guidance to Sida on its way forward on this theme.

Irrigated crops, Awabel.jpg

Study on Forestry for Poverty Alleviation for African Development Bank

The study provided an input to the Bank’s work on a revised policy on its lending to initiatives in the forestry sector. The study included country studies in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mali.

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Environmental management support to Hylte Local Authority

For close to 25 years, Naturbruk has engaged in local sustainable development in the area where the company is based, Hylte. This support has included strategic overall work by, for example developing the local Agenda 21 in the mid-1990s to more technical inputs related to water and sewage as well as to the handling of solid waste. Extenive international networking has also been facilitated (USA, P.R. China, Poland, Estonia, UK, Norway, Serbia).


Education and information tools in Femsjö Parish

At the very local level, Naturbruk played a major conceptual and technical role in developing an information centre as well as web-based information on the Femsjö Parish with highlights on the local history, nature as well as on contemporary features.


Books and extension manuals

Naturbruk has played a pivotal role in the production of over 20 books or information packages, spanning from technical material published by the World Agroforestry Centre, to information materials on water, forests, local history and local botany tailored for target groups ranging from extension officers to primary school children and to the general public.

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