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Forest management

We manage our forests with environmental protection, social values, and production objectives in mind. The forest is where we are rooted and where we find inspiration.

Biodiversity is safeguarded by maintaining the existing natural grasslands. Some of these areas have a long history of interaction between vegetation, domestic and wild animals, and people. Torsaberga has documented habitation and owners known by name already 700 years ago. This long interaction has yielded conditions conducive for species of plants and insects that can only thrive in such open areas. The continued maintenance is based on the presence of livestock every summer.

Biodiversity is also being protected by leaving lower-productive forests untouched. These are mainly pine forests on wetter areas.

A third approach to conservation is the preservation of a network of small “micro reserves”, which do not have any legal protection status, but are nevertheless protected by us. We believe that such small areas constitute effective refuges for a variety of species that are disadvantaged in the agricultural or production-forest landscape.

Our forest management has, not least, a production objective. Our primary production focus is on timber of a quality suited for house construction. Using timber for long-lasting construction binds carbon and thus mitigates climate change in the longer perspective.

Wildlife and fish are important elements of the local ecology. Our aim is to “harvest” game meat sustainably by collaboration with skilled hunters and by promotion of angling in the water bodies where we have influence.

Forest management: Service
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