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Recent assignments

We have completed assignments that cover Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe as well as global initiatives. Some of our recent assignments are presented here.

Identification of potential strategic partnerships eligible for funding under the Sida strategy for capacity development, partnership and methods that support the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (KAPAME)

Carried out for Sida through a sub-contract FCG


Portfolio review of the Strategy for Sweden’s global development cooperation in sustainable economic development 2018-2022

Carried out for Sida through a sub-contract with FCG

fishing boats senegal.JPG

Mid-term evaluation of the Bolivia WASH Thinking Connected to Hydrology project

Stockholm Environment Institute


Water impact assessment and support in permission application process for an improved waste management site

Hylte Local Authority

Image by Nicholas Selman

Final Evaluation of Sida’s support to the project “Organic Trade and Value Chain Development in East Africa, OTEA” implemented by Organics International (IFOAM)

Sub-contract with Niras Sweden AB


Mid-term review of the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative, SIANI

The Stockholm Environment Institute


Final Evaluation of the Dairy Hub & Dairy Academy Development in Bangladesh Project

Sub-contract with Niras Sweden AB


Organisational review of The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR)

Carried out for the Swedish Mission Council (SMC)

World Peace
Recent assignments: Projekt
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