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Education and information

We develop educational and information material such as curricula, training material, brochures and other information tools aimed to the general public, students, professionals and organisations. Our approach promotes interaction and joint learning.

Naturbruk played a pivotal role for over a decade on production of technical handbooks and extension manuals published by Sida, the World Agroforestry Centre, and National Museums of Kenya. Flagship publications include a series of books containing uniquely documented local knowledge on Useful Trees and Shrubs for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Eritrea respectively.

Other outputs include an information centre for Femsjö Parish both virtual and on site, educational materials for the World Wide Fund for Nature/Sweden, a self-study material on botany in Femsjö and several extension handbooks on agroforestry in Kenya and Zambia and on Soil Conservation in Eritrea.

soil and water conservation manual for eritrea.PNG

Soil and water conservation manual for Eritrea

agroforestry extension manual for kenya.PNG

Agroforestry extension manual for Kenya

useful trees and shrubs Kenya.PNG

Useful trees and shrubs for Kenya

useful trees and shrubs Uganda RELMA.PNG

Useful trees and shrubs for Uganda

useful trees and shrubs Tanzania.PNG

Useful trees and shrubs for Tanzania


Useful trees and shrubs for Eritrea


Edible wild plants of Tanzania


Flora Femsionensis 1810 - 2000

bli botanist.PNG

Bli botanist
Växter i Femsjöbygden

plants and animals in Hylte.PNG

Plants and animals in Hylte


Våra ekologiska fotavtryck


I tropikskogens värld

Education and information: Clients
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