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Connecting people in the EU

Over several decades Naturbruk provided support to a partnership of three Local Authorities, one in Sweden, one in Poland and one in Estonia. This three-party cooperation included youth language camps annually for over a decade, study visits and exchanges with participation of politicians, teachers, social welfare officials, policemen, tourism officials, public health-care staff and others.

Naturbruk helped conceptualise and implement a major project spanning over several years; the Business and Environment linked through Small-Scale Tourism (BESST), with financial support from the EU Interreg North Sea Region and with partners from Sweden, Norway and the UK. Activities included networking and collaboration between businesses, business development, systems for quality management and promotion of local cultural heritage. Some links were also established with Panzhihua Municipalitry in P. R. China on the same themes.

Image by Shane Rounce
Connecting people in the EU: Service
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